'Bikes In Schools'

Bikes in Schools’ Programme


In 2009 St. Mary’s was approached by the Bike On Trust to be the trial school for the ‘Bikes in Schools’ Programme. 

This saw the installation of a ½ kilometre limestone track around the perimeter of the school field, a bike skills track and two pump tracks. Sixty seven bikes and helmets were also donated to the school. The initiative was officially launched by the Prime Minister, the Honourable John Key on 19 February 2010. 


‘Bikes in Schools’ has been fully integrated into the Physical Education Programme and sees students and staff cycling daily. The benefits of ‘Bikes in Schools’ for our students has been:


• Improved muscle development, fitness coordination and
  balancing skills
• Greater confidence, competency and awareness as a cyclist
• Enhanced ‘self-managing' behaviours
• An appreciation of cycling as an environmentally friendly mode of
• Increased positivity towards daily physical exercise


‘Bikes in Schools’ at St. Mary’s was the recipient of two awards:-


    • The Landmarks Trust 'Excellence Award' for Landscape


    • The ASB Cycle Friendly Awards for 'Best Cycle Facility Project'


St Mary’s was also involved with the Eastern Institute of Technology and the National Heart Foundation as part of a Research Study which is analysing the impact of the ‘Bikes in
Schools’ Programme on our students.

 ‘Bikes in Schools’ is reflective of St. Mary’s philosophy, which is that learning should be fun!