Young Vinnies Group

Year 2012 has had a busy start for the Young Vinnie’s group.


Our first achievement has been our bake sale where we raised $90 to “support a loo” (funding for porta - loos) for the Relay for Life.


Here is our banner, in progress, that we will display at the relay for life.

It shows the Young Vinnie’s helping hands.


We look forward to many more opportunities to be helping hands throughout 2012.  


At the end of Term Onethe Young Vinnies visited the residents at Gracelands.


We decided to trysomething new this year. We wanted to spend more time talking with theresidents and hearing all the great stories they have to share.


Each Vinnie tracedtheir hand on a piece of paper and wrote things about themselves e.g. favouritepets, where they were born, favourite food.


The Vinnies were thenbuddied up with a resident and they traced their hand and asked them the samequestions.  We all heard some fantasticstories from the residents about their lives!


A lot was learnt fromthe visit including how to ask questions and start conversations withpeople. 


Thank you to BrendaLunnon for all your hard work over the term to get the Young Vinnies group upand running at St Mary’s for 2012.