Covid 19

Covid 19

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Testing Positive at different times

The diagram is related to the first case in the house and all related infections within the following 10-day period.

Isolation/re-isolation of household contacts: 

  • If a new case develops in a household within 10 days of the initial case, then other household members do not need to re-isolate if they have tested negative on day 3 and 7 of the first household case.  
  • If a new case develops more than 10 days after the initial case in the household, then household members would need to re-isolate for a period of 7 days. Any members of a household that have tested positive previously, do not need to re-isolate for 90 days after their first positive result. 




Positive Parenting during COVID-19

To support mental health, resilience and emotional wellbeing for children and teenagers, the Ministry of Health has partnered with Whāraurau to offer parents, whānau and caregivers free online versions of the Triple P: Positive Parenting Programme across the country.

There are three free Triple P online programmes available to help positively support children to reduce anxiety, build emotional resilience and life skills and cope with challenges:

  • Fear-Less Triple P Online – for parents and caregivers of children and teenagers (aged six to 14 years) who have significant anxiety

  • Triple P Online – for parents with toddlers to 12-year-olds

  • Teen Triple P Online – for parents with ‘tweens’ or teenagers aged 10 to 16 years

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Find out more about Triple P and register for programmes.


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