Covid-19 update - Tuesday 24 March 2020


Further covid-19 update - Monday 23 March 2020


Covid-19 update Monday 23 March 2020


Covid-19 Update


Newsletter 4 - Monday 16 March 2020



Student Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday 30 March and

Wednesday 1 April 2020  Rooms 6-12 only,  Yr 4-8)


Event code  -   qmeps


Newsletter 3 - Monday 2 March 2020


Extra Curricular Activities 2020


New School uniform


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St Mary’s has set up its own Bulk Text Service 
To receive updates about school events direct to your mobile, simply send the following text to 8987    follow stmaryshastings

Text alerts (Tweets) will also appear in our Twitter feed above.

If you wish to remove these text updates send the following text to 8987   unfollow stmaryshastngs

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