Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Device Care

Students are responsible for their device at all times. Insuring your child’s device is strongly recommended. Check with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, covers personal electronic devices. Alternately, you may be able to purchase additional insurance through the retailer

Repairs – repairs are the responsibility of the student and parent. School personnel will not be involved in repairing student-owned devices.

Screen care – screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. The screen is particularly sensitive to damage if excessive pressure is placed on it. Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static or micro-fibre cloth. Please do not use any type of liquid or water on the device.

General precautions – food or drink should not be placed near your device while it is in use.  Cords and removable storage devices (i.e. pen-drive) should be inserted carefully into the device. Devices should be protected from extreme temperatures. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage.

Frequently asked questions..

 What happens if a family cannot afford to purchase a device for their child?

We currently have Chromebooks for use at Yr 4 to Yr 8.  There is not one for each student so they will still need to share devices.  Students who come to school with a device will have all day access to that device when the learning experience calls for one. Those students without a device will need to wait their turn and share a school device to complete their work on (as is the case now).

Will my child be expected to use their device both at school and home?

Yes, as this enables your child to access learning tools at both home and school. Here at school, we will guide and monitor device usage and parents will need to guide and monitor use at home. Devices are tools for learning at school – they will complement and enhance the learning environment.

Will I need to have wireless access at home?

Yes, this enables your child to make full use of the multitude of resources available on the World Wide Web.

Will my child require an email address ?

Year 4 to 8 students will be allocated their own gmail account.

Are Year 4 to 8 students mature enough to handle the responsibility of carrying a device?

It is our belief that ALL students will one day carry some kind of device with them, to and from school. It is up to teachers and parents to show students how to care for these devices in responsible ways.

My child’s bag is already too full – how do you expect him/her to carry a device too?

One of the reasons the device was chosen was its minimal size and weight, enabling students to carry these with ease.

What happens to devices when students participate in after-school events here on site at St Mary’s School?

The device should be stored in the child’s class or the Office during practice. Should your child be off site at another venue, it is their responsibility to take care of their device.

Device storage

Should you wish your child to leave their device at school for the week and take it  home on the Friday, they can be safely locked away for the night (this will mean however, they they will not have access to their device at home during the week)

Will the students be allowed to share their personal device with others?

We believe that students should only be permitted to use their own device or devices owned by the school. This will prevent students from being held responsible for damage to another student’s device.

What if my child’s device is stolen?

St Mary’s School accepts no responsibility for personal property brought to school by students. Students who choose to bring a device to school assume total responsibility for the device. Devices that are stolen or damaged are the responsibility of the student and their parents or guardians.