Futsal Yr 7 & 8 - New Registration

Title: Futsal Term 1 2022
Ages: Year 7 & 8
Grade/Division: Year  7 & 8 Mixed Grade Division 2
Venue: Pettigrew Arena,  Taradale
Day/Times: Friday afternoons  4.00-6.00pm
Start Date: Friday 11th February
Finishing Date: Friday 8th April
Cost: $400 per team
Games: The competitions will run on 8 consectutive Fridays  
  Teams can be mixed boys and girls / all boys / all girls.
  Hawkes Bay Footaball to provide Umpires
  Teams of 6-8 with 5 players on the court at one time. 
Uniform: Covered soft soled sneakers, Sports PE Uniform to be worn, long socks
  Must wear Shin Pad.  No Shin Pads = No game
  Futsal Balls, Goalie gloves and Top provided by school.
Please note: We will confirm later if we have enough players and a coach & manager
  for this team to go ahead.


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