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You'll find your child's school stationery list online at  St Mary's Catholic School (Hastings) Back to School Stationery List | OfficeMax MySchool

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A contribution towards -

  • Religious Education Programme - $10 collected on behalf of the Proprietor will appear on your child's School Account in February/March

Bring Your Own Device 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) @ St. Mary’s School

As part of supporting our students' learning in an increasingly digital world, they need to be able to access learning from a range of platforms, e.g. Seesaw, Hapara, Google Drives.  Therefore, we are highly recommending BYOD for students who will be Year 4 in 2024.

By students having their own device, they have:

  • More opportunities to use technology and enhance their learning

  • Deepen their learning and make learning more personalised and individualised

  • Earlier access to and a  smoother transition to Intermediate and High School 

  • Learn at a pace and method that supports them

  • Opportunities to explore which digital tools are best to help them with their learning

  • Record their learning to share with others

  • Develop an ethical awareness of how to navigate in a digital world responsibly

Safety Considerations

  • Our school filter (N4L) prevents access to inappropriate sites

  • Students are taught how to be a responsible digital citizen

  • NB: There is an increasing limited access to ageing school devices in each classroom.  BYOD allows guaranteed access for a student

Device setup

We understand the importance of wanting to set your child up on their own device but there are a few things you need to consider to help the use of devices run smoothly at school. 

  • Feel free to set your child up with a home account that you have access to and can monitor on apps such as Family Link. 

  • Please also be considerate of how the safety apps you place on your child's device may affect them using their device at school. 

  • At the start of the new school  year your child will be set up with a school google account. This school account is directly linked to your child’s Teacher and makes accessing the school drive, Seesaw, Hapara etc. much easier for your child and their Teacher. It becomes very difficult to set students up on their school accounts when their devices require parent codes or are locked from setting up new accounts. Thank you for your support with this. 

We recommend and prefer a Chromebook; however a laptop is suitable also.

Please see the St. Mary’s school website for frequently asked questions about BYOD.  Please click on this link to take you to this information.

If you have any questions or want support with this please contact your child's Teacher.