Mission Statement

Quality education in a Catholic environment.

​​​​​​​St. Mary's School offers a quality Catholic education which challenges students to strive for standards of personal excellence.

We offer;

  • A complete education; spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical
  • A focus on achievement of personal excellence
  • High expectations for student achievement and behaviour
  • Contemporary educational practise focused on teaching the basics; literacy (reading and writing) numeracy and digital literacy
  • A learning and playing environment that fosters self esteem, dignity and cooperation
  • Multiple opportunites for students to develop and grow leadership skills
  • A variety of digital devices throughout all classrooms (ipads, laptops, Interactive  Boards)
  • BYOD digital classrooms operate from Year 4-8  (one digital device per student)
  • Library Information Centre
  • Vibrant and stimulating classroom environments that are safe, attractive, enriching and dynamic
  • Participation in New Zealand University and International Academic Competitions
  • ​​​​​​​Environmental and sustainability education
  • An extensive range of sporting codes
  • Expansive and attractive grounds with a variety of playground features

 We are here not only to teach your child, but to support you also. 

School, Church and home form a triangle - working together for your child.